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Re-Roof Services


Re-roofing is the process of layering new shingles on top of already existing ones and can only be done once, meaning this is not an option for homes with more than one layer of roofing. Re-roofing is a great option if overall your roof is in good shape and doesn’t have any missing or disintegrated shingles or major water damage. Re-roofing is best when done on your entire roof, it is not advisable to re-roof only a small portion of your roof. If you discover sagging or rotting beneath your shingles, re-roofing is not an option and you will need to have a complete new roof installed.


When re-roofing is complete, the new shingles that are overlaid onto your original roof will restore the look of your roof and will also provide a new, protective barrier to keep out leaks.

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