Ice Dam Removal


Management of Ice Dams on Roofs and Gutters.

An unpleasant site in winter is a sheet of icicles hanging on the edge of the gutters of your home…melting and causing leaking into your home, refreezing onto walkways and creating a sheet of ice and as a consequence, creating a danger to people walking onto the slick ice surface.


Ice Dams occur on many homes in the winter and they cause damage to the eavestroughs, roof shingles and leakage of water into the home.


Eavestroughs DO NOT cause Ice Dams. Dangerous quantities of ice will still accumulate, even without eavestroughs. It is easy to place the blame on the eavestroughs, but they are not the root problem. Ice dams become visible in the eavestroughs although the cause of the ice dam is not faulty eavestroughs, in fact ice dams have little to do with the eavestroughs.


If attic temperatures are warmer than the outdoor temperatures then the rooftop snow will melt and then, the melted snow will refreeze in the colder below freezing temperatures. As this melted snow water eventually hits the lower edge of the roof the water refreezes, forming the start of an ice dam.


Richards and Swift Roofing has years of experience removing ice dams from homes, keeping you from paying for expensive water leak damage. Send us a message to request a free quote.