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During a roof inspection, the following roof components are examined:


  1. Shingles
  2. Flashing
  3. Caulking
  4. Valleys
  5. Drainage
  6. Chimneys
  7. Ceilings
  8. Pipe Vents


Determining the condition of the roof takes more than just a quick look. What seems to be fine on the outside might not be really protecting on the inside. Therefore, a roof inspection helps you know what is needed to protect the investment you have in your home. We advise that you do NOT go on to your roof.




GENERAL ROOF CONDITION: Debris, Drainage, Damage, Attic, Structural


EXTERIOR WALL SURFACES: Deterioration/Staining


ROOF FEATURES: Fascia Flashing Gutters/Drains, etc. Skylights Chimneys/Vents


FLAT/MEMBRANE ROOF: Condition of Coating, Punctures Cracks/Alligatoring, Ponding


INTERIOR WALL SURFACES: Cracks, Staining, Water Leaks, Door/Window Alignment


(Highlight areas of concern and any rapid degradation in your roof system.) This assessment is for informational use only. We advise that you do NOT go on to your roof. Richards & Swift Roofing does not take any responsibility for any damage, injuries or death that may occur from use of this assessment.


Home Insulation Inspection


Proper insulation can cut those costs by an average of 20%. If your home lacks the proper amount of insulation, or if your insulation is installed incorrectly, you can do severe damage to both your home and your bank account.