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Gutter Replacement and Repair Services


We install and repair gutters or many different materials and sizes. Seamless gutters and downspouts offer long lasting protection from the hazards eater can cause to your home or business




Heavy storms can take a toll on your roof. You may begin to notice water cascading on the sides of the rooftop when it rains. Sometimes the property will have pools of water in unexpected places. This could mean that your eavestroughs are damaged or blocked and need repairs or replacement. We are experts at eavestroughs installation. Our goal is to restore the function of your eavestroughs to prevent any water damage to your property.

Our eavestrough experts come with a wealth of experience so you’re always assured of an exceptional repair or replacement service. We can install eavestroughs on homes and businesses of all sizes.




Some jobs are better left to experts. Installing an eavestrough can be challenging especially if you consider the curves and corners on the building. Having offered this service for many years, we can meet the demands of the most complicated eavestrough installation.

For those who don’t know, eavestrough’s are the gutters fixed beneath the edge of a roof. Their primary function is to systematically collect water from rainfalls and dispel it away from the home or building. Although it may seem like a rather inconsequential piece of equipment, not having eavestroughs, or not having ones that work, can result in significant damage to roofs and siding. These gutters can experience significant wear and tear over the years and often require cleaning from a buildup of leaves and sticks. Utilizing top-notch professional eavestrough companies like Richards and Swift Roofing, is essential to ensuring that you receive proper installation and repairs.



If your eavestrough has holes or cracks that cause leaks, your home’s foundation and the rest of the exterior is at risk. Water can easily seep through the foundation walls compromising the structure of the building if this issue is not resolved in good time. Some homeowners will have to repair the bricks or siding due to water damage caused by damaged eavestroughs that have not been fixed or replaced.

Eavestroughs are designed to direct water flow away from your property making sure that the foundation, walls and the rest of the home’s exterior are not damaged. We always recommend regular inspection and maintenance of your eavestrough system to prevent water damage to the property.


Eavestroughs are very critical components of your roofing system but highly prone to wear and tear. The eavestrough can get damaged after a roof replacement project or when the roof itself begins to wear out. When this happens, you expose the fascia boards to water damage. Damaged fascia boards cannot support the weight of the eavestrough. This is what causes the eavestrough to fall off. Therefore, proper installation of eavestrough is important if you expect it to serve you for longer. When properly installed, eavestroughs protect your home from water damage by directing water away from the foundation. We offer affordable eavestrough repair and installation services in Michigan.


An unpleasant site in winter is a sheet of icicles hanging on the edge of the gutters of your home…melting and causing leaking into your home, refreezing onto walkways and creating a sheet of ice and as a consequence, creating a danger to people walking onto the slick ice surface.


Ice Dams occur on many homes in the winter and they cause damage to the eavestroughs, roof shingles and leakage of water into the home.


Eavestroughs DO NOT cause Ice Dams. Dangerous quantities of ice will still accumulate, even without eavestroughs. It is easy to place the blame on the eavestroughs, but they are not the root problem. Ice dams become visible in the eavestroughs although the cause of the ice dam is not faulty eavestroughs, in fact ice dams have little to do with the eavestroughs.


If attic temperatures are warmer than the outdoor temperatures then the rooftop snow will melt and then, the melted snow will refreeze in the colder below freezing temperatures. As this melted snow water eventually hits the lower edge of the roof the water refreezes, forming the start of an ice dam.