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Frequently Asked Questions

Having a reliable roof over your building is something you should be proud of as a property owner in Michigan. Most find it challenging to find the best roofers to install their roofs. Knowing the right time to replace, repair, or install a new roof is also a challenging task.

This page is designed to answer some of the frequently asked questions about roofs.

Depending on the size of your home and the time of year, once a date has been decided to begin the work it will take anywhere from 1-3 days to complete it.

Depending on the time of year and the weather, we can schedule your roof job to begin within two weeks after you have accepted our roofing estimate.

We accept personal check, cash, or major credit cards. With most jobs no deposit is required and payment is requested at completion.

  • Remove vehicles from driveway
  • Provide access to electricity for compressors, saws, etc.
  • Basic yard clean up:
    • put aside decorative figurines or special moveable landscaping
    • remove children’s toys
    • if you own pets, please clean up their droppings

If you need help or have any questions, please let us know

No. Staying home is not necessary. However, please leave us the best phone number to contact you at.

A regular roof inspection can save you the hassle of predicting when you should repair or install your roof. Ideally, most people resort to replacing their roof when the roof leaks become serious.

Clogged gutters, missing shingles, and damaged flashings are indications that you should repair your roof. If you notice cracked or peeling walls, wearing of wallpaper, and/or discoloring of the wall paints, it is a red flag that you should repair your roof soonest. Call Richards and Swift Roofing for a free estimate.

You should install a new roof if the one you have is overused or shows persistent roof leaks. Roofs have their lifespan. While the most expensive roof may last a lifetime, others generally last 15-20 years.

No. Having roof leaks is not an indication that you need to install a new roof. You should reach out to Richards and Swift Roofing who will offer you a free evaluation and estimate to help you decide.

Roof leaks can occur from normal wear and tear on your roof. Over time shingles begin to break down, clogged gutters can cause damage, aging flashings, and improper ventilation can all lead to roof leaks on or other roofing problems.

Proper maintenance of your roof can stop leaks before they happen. Calling us early can prevent costs to your bank account and your homes health.

At Richards and Swift Roofing, we will always provide you an estimated cost of our services after inspecting your roof. When it comes to repairing your roof, you should not consider the price but the quality of work we will offer you. Most roofers will charge you less and deliver the worst results. Go for quality and be willing to spend on your roof. Your roof is an essential part of your home…your biggest investment.

If you are looking forward to having a new roof, the cost may depend on the time of the year you want to install it, the roofing material you want to use, the location of your home.

The lifespan of your roof depends on the type of roofing material used. Most roofing materials can last for two decades. With the latest technology, some roof shingles are made to last a lifetime. The weather of your region will also determine the duration of your roof. Snowfall, rain, and strong winds may shorten the lifespan of your roof.

When you purchase roofing material, you should ensure it comes with a warranty for any untimely damages. Richards and Swift Roofing will also give you a guarantee for a quality installation. We always provide you with a written guarantee statement before we proceed with any work.

To prolong your roof lifespan:

~ Do not neglect your roof care

~ Ensure your roof is well ventilated

~ Clean your roof at least twice a year

~ Prune all the trees that have branches extending to your roof

~ Remove the debris, leaves, and other dust that can clog your gutters

Having a reliable roof involves proper care and maintenance. Neglecting your roof can cost you a lot in terms of the repair cost. It is advisable to reach out to Richards and Swift Roofing, a reputable and experienced roofing company. As experienced roofers, we will answer all your questions and ensure your roof is in the best condition before they leave your home.