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One of the most expensive aspects of homeownership is damage due to weather events. Whether you are dealing with extreme weather or just day-to-day conditions, the elements can take a constant toll on your home. Luckily, there are a number of steps you can take to protect your property against weather woes as recommended by Richards & Swift Roofing.

Water Incursion and Erosion

Rain and moisture can cause major damage to your home in both the short and long term. Damage can occur to any drywall, structural supports, paint, and interior features directly affected by an active leak. In addition, residual water in the walls can promote the growth of mold and other harmful microorganisms.


To prevent leaks, be sure to conduct regular maintenance on your roof, and have a professional perform an annual inspection. Due to the amount of material that often exists between the roof and the interior ceiling, you may not be aware of a leak until significant water damage has already occurred, so regular inspections are imperative. It’s also critical if you plan to sell your home soon. Roof damage is a bargaining point for buyers, while a replacement roof typically nets a nice ROI.


Erosion is an often-overlooked risk engendered by rain, especially when it falls after a wildfire. Regularly inspect the exterior of your home for low areas where water may collect around the foundation. Remember to have regular inspections performed to look for any cracks or inconsistencies on the exterior of your home that may make it more prone to leaks, and be sure to hire waterproofing professionals to have your landscape graded properly to direct rainfall away from your home.

Wind Damage

Even on a sunny day, high winds can take a real toll on your home. From blowing shingles off the roof to dropping branches and other debris on top of your house, heavy winds are one of the greatest causes of home damage. One shingle lost to the wind or one loose gutter can cause a number of issues from water incursion to the invasion of pests. In addition, debris can build up on your roof and encourage the growth of mold and moss, further degrading your roof. 


In order to prevent wind damage, regular inspections of your roof are again necessary. Be sure to perform routine maintenance every season to remove debris, tighten hardware, and replace shingles and flashing. If you have experienced a severe weather event with particularly high winds, it is critical to inspect your roof as soon as possible as a problem left untreated can easily grow into a much larger and more expensive issue. Not only that, but a roof in poor condition may devalue the price of your home if you plan on selling anytime soon.


Hail can be particularly damaging, severely denting, or breaking your roof, gutters, siding, and windows. Although there may be little preventive maintenance that can be done in advance to prepare for extreme hail events, it is important to ensure that your home is in good repair and that you have documented inspections and maintenance. This will minimize damage to your home, and documentation is helpful should you need to submit an insurance claim. 

Don’t Wait!

If your home has been damaged by any weather event, it is important to complete repairs immediately before any further damage is sustained. Depending on which part of your home has been damaged, this can increase exponentially if you wait too long. To ensure that you are getting the best possible repair service at the best price, be sure to request three to five quotes. As a rule of thumb, only work with trusted, well-reviewed contractors, as well, like Richards & Swift Roofing. Records of your regular inspections and maintenance will help to ensure that your repair person has all the information they need to fix your home in a timely and cost-effective fashion.


Owning a home is one of the most rewarding things there is, but it also requires a lot of hard work, care, and effort on your part. However, if you pay attention to your home’s needs, you can take the necessary steps to protect it from the elements. That way, your home can do its job: protect you and your family from the weather.


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Article contributed and written by Danielle Porter

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